Application Services

We put ourselves into every app, pixel, and code.

Maintenance &

When it comes to maintenance, companies have two options. a) Hire an in-house team b) Outsource a team of experts and free up the in-house team for more important tasks.

At AlphaSquad, our basic idea behind providing maintenance services is to enable you to focus on what is most important and leave the junk work for us. Our dedicated software maintenance professionals with years of experience in building and maintaining complex software applications can take care of everything for you.

Whether it is installation, compatibility with third party, regular support, upgrade or improvement, team AlphaSquad can be offer much help in generating maximum ROI (return on investment efficiently and dedicatedly.



Dedicated Support

Dedicated Support

This level of support includes regular daily basis engagement with dedicated developers to provide maintenance service.

Requirement Support

Requirement Support

If you want the service as per requirement, you can use this level of support with limited time and effort, where you pay for working hours only.