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Posted at: 26 August, 2022

A layman’s introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

A layman’s introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)

You may have heard the name artificial intelligence several times, AI, or a similar name. But do you know what it really is? Are you familiar with this giant tech term that is consuming our world today? Let me tell you! In simple words, like humans have intelligence, machines can also be trained to have intelligence, thus the name “Artificial” intelligence. There are programs and algorithms that can be devised to give machines a certain sort of intelligence through which they can perform several tasks without human assistance. Just imagine, a machine close to human capabilities! A machine able to understand your behavior and emotions through facial recognition. A device that can learn from itself to enhance its performance, much like any human. How? Well, that’s where it gets complicated.

Artificial Intelligence, an easy definition

Artificial Intelligence is simple programming and analysis of data sets to predict the response of data in the future. Everything can be translated into data sets and numbers through software programs, and then these data sets are used by the machines to analyze their own performance. Not only this, but based on these numbers and data sets, the machines can act! It can adjust its own values, improve its own performance through testing, and make informed decisions by making comparisons of the data. In a way, the machine learns from itself based on the data it is fed once or twice. In this way, AI programs handle small human tasks without any real human assistance.

But that’s not all that it is! Just like humans, there is more than meets the eye in Artificial Intelligence too. Apart from the wonders that come with it in the field of robotics and automation. There are also other technical fields where AI finds its applications. One of these fields is app development. There are many features that have been made easy to implement through Artificial Intelligence that were not being implemented before, or, were too difficult to implement in the first place. Examples of these include:

  • Security algorithms through facial recognition
  • Real-time language translation
  • Emotions recognition through image processing
  • Learning human behavior through machine learning programs
  • Developing logical reasoning through reinforced learning
  • Increasing performance by itself

Nowadays many mobile apps, advanced security systems, the robotics industry, and other technology sectors are utilizing the magic that is named Artificial Intelligence. They are using the features AI offers in multiple ways to improve the performance of their own businesses. Soon in the future, we would see multiple organizations running completely on robots and industries working without any human assistance, all thanks to the wizard that is Artificial Intelligence. There are many algorithms and technology domains that fall under the category of Artificial Intelligence and you’ll be surprised to find out how AI is already encompassing your life. But for now, this is it. Stay tuned for more AI-related articles!

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