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Posted at: 10 June, 2022

Learn How Investing In UI/UX Can Make All The Difference

Learn How Investing In UI/UX Can Make All The Difference

Creating an interactive app can engage your users in a way that no other thing can!. And the first step toward creating an interactive app is to focus on its User Interface (UI), and its overall User Experience (UX). When apps are being designed, the importance of interface and the experience it will provide to customers is often neglected. This leads to many apps not gaining desired recognition or popularity, losing customers due to less engagement, and becoming boring for users. In this blog, I’ll try my best to convince you why UI/UX should be your top priority while designing an app and why it is worth investing in! 

What is UI/UX?

When we open an app or a site, the display that we see can be interpreted as a UI (User Interface). It includes the buttons, screen layout, colors, the font of the text, etc. On the other hand, the overall experience we get from interacting with the website is said to be UX (User Experience). It encompasses the actions of buttons, the agility with which the website responds to the user's action, and whether or not the user feels his problem is being solved through interacting with the website. The terms UI and UX are often intermingled but both are different, and both are essential for ensuring a good user experience on a website or an app 

Why should you care to invest? 

A question may have popped into your mind about why should you spend your precious money on something as simple as a layout? Well, let's find out the answer to that with some UI and UX stats!

UI and UX should be your focus to generate business!

The importance of UI/UX does not remain to development only, in fact, it is actually an underestimated aspect in terms of business. You will find the importance of UI/UX written everywhere, but why is it important for a business, is rarely discussed. So below I am listing a few reasons from a business perspective why should you focus on UI and UX

Want to get a UI designed right now? 

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