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Posted at: 08 June, 2022

Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends For You To Know in 2022

Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends For You To Know in 2022

You may have wondered where your life is headed in the upcoming years but have you wondered what would happen to mobile apps in the future? Just like Pokemon Go, Tiktok and Zoom took away the US and the entire world with a storm, there are many more headed our way! And these mobile apps are not going to be conventional but rather equipped with modern technology that one’s mind can barely fathom In this blog today, I’ll be sharing the top 5 trends that we may see in the upcoming mobile apps. The world may be living in the year 2022, but the technology we are living with belongs to the future.

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Your AI app may be smarter than you are!

Implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the top missions of many mobile app developers. To sustain in an ever-changing industry of development and technology, business personnel have to keep introducing something new to their ideas, thus the use of AI. AI can provide significant automation and smart solutions to mobile apps that can come in handy in the ways you least expect. Image recognition, text recognition, and voice recognition are some basic attributes that come with enabling AI, not to mention 100 other facilities it can bring to your mobile app. So next time when you are talking to Siri, remember it is an app powered by Artificial Intelligence, and just imagine what your future app can hold!

Exchange data with IoT 

Your apps can talk to each other when you are sleeping. That's right! Before you exclaim in surprise, it can be very helpful to you thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT). This technology allows different apps to communicate and interact with each other without human assistance. This can have several applications when applied. Just think that you have gone out and left your washing machine turned on, now instead of going back to your house to turn it off, you can simply control it with a smart app on your phone that links with your smart home appliances. Easy peasy!

Feeling lonely? Chatbots are here! 

For ensuring better communications, the future mobile apps will have an increasing chatbot deployment rate. You may have encountered pop-up messages on several websites for guidance or support. A similar thing is now being applied to mobile apps. Chatbots offer a vast range of advantages when implemented in mobile apps. They can store users' data, smooth out communication services, and disseminate powerful ad campaigns to the users. Moreover, they are designed on the principle of Artificial intelligence, so they have the ability to improve their functionality over time. So if you are developing an app, adding chatbots can be a huge plus

Create your own Reality using AR/VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual reality are making headlines in the mobile app industry. It has become impactful enough that mobile companies are transforming their architectures to accommodate and support AR/VR technologies. It can surely engage users and enhance their interaction with your app. It can highly boost your sales since we are all looking for the easiest and most efficient customer experience in any type of app. AR technology can already be observed in Snapchat where your avatar appears in an augmented reality 3D way. . Imagine what more it could bring if implemented in different types of apps


Cross-platform Apps are a real thing now!

Cross-platform apps are another increasing trend for the upcoming years in app development. Gone is the time when you couldn't run a mobile app over other devices. But there is still room for this factor to grow. Cross platforms allow you to gain more customers and reach out to more people through multiple devices. Not only for the customers but also for app developers cross-platform can bring ease of promoting their apps

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